Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Testxperts Mobile Application Testing services tests mobile applications across a variety of iOS and Android devices.

With the advent of smart phones, potential of companies earning revenue through the mobile apps has been unlocked. Our mobile software testing services assist our clients in delivering mobile apps which are not only functionally versatile but are secure, user-friendly and scalable.

To decrease time to market, we use mobile app automation tools and strategies to speed up release cycles and reduce QA cost.


Key focus areas of iOS & Android mobile app testing services include:

Functional Testing

Using the right mix of Test Management tools and Black-box testing techniques, our team ensures that all the client requirements have been met in the mobile app being tested.


Automation Testing

The use of Automation tools helps the client to reduce the time to market by significantly cutting the time spent doing regression testing and ensures a bug-free application.


Security Testing

Validates if the application’s information system possesses the ability to protect data, and keep mobile data secure against attacks.


UI Testing

This testing focuses more on the look & feel aspect of the application. As part of this, we run a series of tests outlined in our checklist to ensure that the application built is user friendly for the end user.


Performance & Load Testing

During Performance & Load Testing, we test the realistic response times under varying loads using various browsers.