Importance Of User Interface Testing

Importance Of User Interface Testing


What Is Graphical User Interface Testing :

It’s the process of testing the visual elements to ensure that the graphics and such other visual elements are properly visible to the end users or the customers. This article would describe what GUI testing is all about, the importance of GUI Testing, and what features should be there to ensure proper test coverage.


The rise of the Dynamic User Interface :

The shift to user interfaces has started with the PC revolution. More recently, the increasing focus on application interfaces to the consumerization of IT plays a vital role. The trend toward highly customized experiences is forcing businesses to focus on more than just usability when creating and building the interfaces. Designers must constantly ask themselves whether a specific element makes their jobs easier or frustrates users and, users can enjoy their jobs more which leads to them being happy employees which reduce the level of turnover for enterprises, resulting in cost savings overall.


Importance of testing the User Interface :

The interface of an application can either become a point of frustration, or it can save lots of your time and money. It’s not only just click counting and basic navigation there’s more to factor in than just clicking and counting. Over the last few years, there has been a gradual transition away from traditional, functional interfaces toward interfaces designed with changing end-user needs in mind. User interface testing has proved to be one of the very important parts of the development lifecycle.

It’s certainly a fact that the technology is advancing very rapidly, with the equal importance of User Interface now more than ever. The User Interface of any application is critical because it’s what the end users see first when they are exploring any kind of applications with the fact that are blind to the underlying source code and other technical aspects that make those applications functional. A poorly designed User Interface will undoubtedly lead to unhappy customers and even minor issues with the GUI could ruin the user’s experience, so it’s very important to test the User Interface before a release of the application.


Things involved in GUI Testing :

Graphical User Interface testing involves testing visual design elements such as the size, color, font, or formatting of screen features like buttons, menus, icons, and toolbars. Apart from this It also includes testing more complex aspects of the GUI including below.

  • Making sure that the application is visually appealing.
  • Ensuring that the images used throughout the website are clear and properly visible without pixelating.
  • Ensuring that the fonts, colors, abbreviations etc are consistent throughout the website.
  • Ensure that the font is readable.
  • The alignment of images, text, and buttons and their correlation to each other.
  • Whether form elements like checkboxes, Drop down list etc are overlapping or not.
  • Ensure that there are no Grammer and Spelling mistakes.
  • Ensure that the user interface is easy to understand and interact with.
  • If there are errors does the error message appears properly or not?.
  • Ensure that the look & feel of the website doesn’t hamper when zooming in or out the Screen resolutions.


When To Conduct GUI Testing: Much of the time the GUI testing requires the human touch and its hard to test with the scripts. Many teams focus on testing the UI level first as this can be the incredibly time-consuming process in any of the methodology and process.

Some of the team don’t focus on the GUI testing and it’s absolutely not a right idea to run the GUI tests last and conduct manual or exploratory testing at the end of the development lifecycle. If the bugs are not discovered during the initial phase, they become harder to find and teams will spend more time and money than needed to fix them.


Conclusion :

Ensuring that the most important functions of the GUI work properly before releasing the product is imperative, and if conducted diligently, UI testing may save you and your team members a lot of embarrassment.

Ultimately, User Interface testing should be considered as a “must have” step and not just as a “nice to have” step in your overall localization process for the application. When it comes to testing, it’s strongly recommended to perform, GUI testing as part of your overall testing efforts.


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