Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing

As per Gartner’s estimates, Cloud services market has reached over $220 Billion dollars in 2016. The reason is that it offers economic advantage, scalability, speed and flexibility to a business.

At Testxperts Cloud Testing services include testing to safeguard the availability and reliability of mission-critical business processes as well as looking into non-functional areas such as performance testing and load testing. Our Cloud Testing services expertise ensure that the transition to the cloud is as seamless as possible.

Cloud Testing is a cost-effective solution that provides clients with detailed reports on software behaviour regarding compatibility, load performance, browsers, and more, so that they can make appropriate alterations and improvements.


Testxperts Cloud Testing Services include:

Functional Testing

We thoroughly test the software by ensuring that it meets its requirements even after hosting it on the cloud.


Usability Testing

Ensures that web servers and database servers are performing as expected by testing scalability, system architecture, and configurations.


Performance & Load Testing

Measures the capacity of new servers and determines end-user response time.