About Us

Testxperts is a young IT company with a purpose to provide professional Development and Testing services to Small size companies and Startups.

It has been formed to act as the one stop for all kinds of Testing and Development requirements. With a combined experience of 45 years, our team of professionals know what it takes to develop customer centric applications to ensure the success of a business.


Our Mission: Our mission is to provide professional Development and Testing services to small size business and startups to develop customer centric applications.


Our Vision: Our vision is to introduce adequate IT processes in every software development project.


Our Values: Core values are like the stepping stone in the working of the company. It is the belief which lays the foundation on which the whole infrastructure of a business stays. Testxperts is proud to have a set of values and beliefs which are as below:

  • Value: We believe that we are creating value by offering an everlasting addition to businesses across the globe. Our works removes the geographic barrier and allows the businesses to develop world class products and applications.
  • Responsibility: Our every project is a responsibility we have towards our employees and customers. We do not treat our projects like a job rather it is like a part of our own body that we see growing from the birth to maturity. We pay equal attention and dedication to our every project and fulfil the responsibilities even after the project is completed.
  • Commitment: We value our word. If we have given a date for completion of your project, then you will surely receive the work on the same day. We value our client commitments which are made using our experience and expertise and hence, the probability of us meeting them is very high.
  • Respect: For us no job and business are small or big, we respect every work equally. To gain your undying loyalty and respect we work harder and harder every day. There is a saying that respect can’t be bought, it can only be earned.
  • Teamwork: We believe working in a team and encourage the teamwork in every facet of the operation of the project. From understanding the requirements to providing Post project support, our team work hand in hand with the client by managing and handling tasks together. There is no space for back stepping in our team; if you are a part of the team then you have to work with the team.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We try to provide the best quality of service in our work. A satisfied and happy customer is something we strive for. Every company in market is working to sell product or service and get their customers happy and satisfied. Irrelevant to the size of the company, customer satisfaction is a very important factor in the success of the company.

Meet the Team

Mihir image

Mihir Parikh


With experience of more than 13 years of working & managing IT businesses, Mihir has setup Testxperts with a focus on assisting small companies an well an startups to come up with professional & bug free applications.


Mira Mehta


Mira Mehta has 10 experience working for companies in Australia, India and USA. During this period, she has developed a network of experience in the software development & QA domains as well as more than 5 years of experience managing & leading offshore and onsite resources.